Powdered Fats with Keto Chow and rounding on nutrition labels

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This is a topic I’ve looked at twice before, once with powdered cream from Hooser Hill Farms and once with powdered cream from Anthony’s. I actually was working on a completely different project yesterday and happened upon the product specifications for the specific ingredient that (I believe) is used for Anthony’s Powdered Cream. This represents FAR more accurate information than what I previously had available so I’m going to revisit my earlier post.

This is something that has been asked a lot and will continue to be asked: is there a powdered cream that can be used with Keto Chow? People would like it for the convenience factor of being able to just add water – perfect for hiking or other uses where transporting liquid isn’t an option and you don’t want to have to melt butter for your fat. The issue becomes: whenever you take a liquid and make it into a powder you’re going to be doing 3 things and typically doing a 4th thing:

  1. The volume will be larger for the same number of calories
  2. The mass or weight will be higher for the same number of calories
  3. The cost will be higher for the same number of calories
  4. The number of carbohydrates will be higher for the same number of calories

Now, if the convenience of having a “just add water” mix outweighs those factors, you have a winner. Otherwise, there is some analysis to be done. Let’s do some comparisons! When doing these comparisons I’m going to make use of the nutrition specifications I found that are FAR more accurate than what is shown on a nutrition facts panel. The panels will tell you the ROUNDED number per serving which is something like a tablespoon or an ounce – the specifications will tell you the typical values per 100g or what percent they are. The USDA common foods database also has these 100g values and are accurate to 1 decimal or better.

productcostgramscalories/100gcarbs/100gcarbs per caloriecarbs 1500 Cal$ per 1500 Calnutrition specs
Sweet Cream Powder$14.99454744.312.80.01725.796$6.65specs
Butter Powder$12.99454698.77.70.01116.530$6.14specs
Liquid Heavy Cream$3.989523402.840.008412.529$1.84specs
Regular Butter$9.4618167170.060.0000840.126$1.09specs

The nutrition label for all 4 of these products show 0g of carbs per serving because anything under 0.5 gets rounded down to 0 or “less than 1g” The problem with that rounding is that we’re not talking about using a 1 tablespoon (6g) serving of the powdered cream, we’re talking about potentially using 200g over a day to reach 1800 calories (300 from keto chow, 1500 from the fat) for 3 meals. “Where’s the powdered OIL?” you say. That’s another issue entirely: it’s relatively easy to find powdered MCT oil, but few other oils are powdered on anything suitable for a keto diet. Most oils are combined with maltodextrin (starch) to make them a powder, which is not suitable at ALL for a keto diet. MCT might be on maltodextrin, or they could use one of the suitable media: acacia gum, soluble corn fiber, or casein protein; the first two add total carbs as fiber. The REAL problem for MCT oil is: using powdered MCT oil for a significant percentage of your daily calories is not something I would recommend trying (it’ll jack up your HDL and triglycerides and will not be nice to your bowels).

Now: few people are using Keto Chow 3 meals a day for all their meals, and your specific calories might be higher or lower (I figured 1500 made the math easy). 1/3 of the 25.8 carbs you’d get from the powdered cream, plus the carbs from Keto Chow (depending on flavor) would have you around 9.3g of non-fiber (net) carbs in each meal. Does 9.3g for a meal fit into YOUR carb budget for the day? If you’re backpacking and otherwise exercising it might be perfect! If not… maybe not. The powdered versions are FAR more expensive, that is for sure (3.6x for the cream, 5.6x for the butter)!

So again: does the convenience of having a powdered fat outweigh the costs? That’s for YOU to decide =)


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Do Low Carb Diets Cause Early Death? (video)

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So there’s been a big to-do the last few days about a new study that purports to indicate that a low carb diet will cause an early death. The news headlines have been rather extreme, and it seems that everyone has forgotten the PURE study from 12 months ago. Regardless: our friend Ken Berry, MD, put out a video discussing, at length, everything going on in this study.

From the description of the video:

Do low-carb diets really lead to early death? Here is my response to the recent article published in the Lancet Journal of Public Health. I’ve included links below because I want you to actually read the study and verify what I’m saying. This topic is so important, and this field of science is so dubitable, that you can’t take anyone’s word about it, you need to read it yourself.

Harvard University currently is highly esteemed in the fields of medicine and nutrition research. The Lancet is currently highly esteemed in the fields of medicine and nutrition publication. But, if they don’t both stop publishing rubbish such as this as valid science from which we can glean valuable information, the reputations of both will suffer soon. Main-stream media’s blind, thoughtless parroting of whatever Harvard and the Lancet say is actually crippling both institutions, and destroying their credibility.

Your one life and your health are too important to entrust blindly and thoughtlessly to “expert opinion” you need to read and watch and research for yourself, and listen to your own body.

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A Keto family vacation

We recently did a family vacation down to Arches and Canyonlands National Parks. When planning it, we decided to do all keto food for all 10 people going. It actually turned out really well and allowed a few of our children who hadn’t ever tried doing keto an opportunity to give it a try. Sadly they’ve gone back to eating carbs away from home but at least they recognized how crummy they felt eating candy the first time after the trip.

We rented a house (because frankly, it was cheaper than getting 3 rooms at a hotel, more comfortable, and overall better!). The kitchen was quite nice and there were enough beds for everyone that wanted their own bed could have one.

Our staples on the trip included:

  • Heavy Whipping Cream – mostly for making Keto Chow but we also used it to cover keto pancakes.
  • Costco rotisserie chicken breast – makes the chicken salad really easy, just add mayo and other seasonings.
  • Keto Chow – perfect for drinking while driving!
  • Far too many almonds.
  • Low carb tortillas from Sams Club – they’re 5g of net carbs each so I didn’t eat them frequently but for little kids they’re perfect.
  • Carb Control yogurt from Kroger – also 5g of net carbs, not the end of the world but you don’t want them all the time
  • Eggs – with 10 people we went through almost 9 dozen Xlarge eggs.
  • Cream cheese – for the tortillas and to make keto pancakes
  • Sugar-Free syrup.

FYI: the recipe for the keto pancakes is silly easy – 8 ounces of cream cheese + 8 eggs in a blender. Blend. Cook. Done.

Drag around, it’s a 360 photo:

[vrview img=”” width=”100%” ]

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There’s a bunch of (almost) local ladies doing “Keto Cupcakes” – you order them online and then pick them up at pre-arranged pickup points around Northern Utah. It fills my need to feel like I’m buying drugs, so we bought a bunch and picked them up in the Scheels parking lot. The nutrition page isn’t as specific with details as I’d like, so we decided to try testing our glucose for 30 minutes before, and then an hour after eating one, it’s something I’ve done before with my own product to make sure it’s not spiking my blood sugar. “We” being myself and my wife, who was going to fast today but decided she was willing to eat a cupcake for science. We tested our glucose twice and then each ate two halves of a cupcake (so we could try both) at 10 am (roughly 13-16 hours of fasting) and tested every 15 minutes for an hour.

Except for one aberrant reading, our glucose went down – which seems to indicate they’re legit keto. Glucose going down may be the result of an insulin response without an influx of glucose for it to take care of – which is typical for non-caloric sweeteners, erythritol in this case. My blood ketones before the test were the same 0.4mmol/dL as after the test. So, we’ll likely order more in the future. It’s always good to support small businesses, especially local ones catering to the low carb/keto market.

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KetoFest 2018 – Coming up this July in Connecticut

Richard and Carl of the “2 Keto Dudes” Podcast hosted a really great keto conference last year (which we attended) nearby Carl’s home in New London, Connecticut. They’re planning on doing it again this year on July 20-22 – but it will only happen if enough people sign up for the Kickstarter to make it happen. They’re at 66% of their goal with 11 days left.

If you are near that area and want to attend (or you’re like us and are planning on attending, despite living on the other side of the country) please check out their campaign. There are only 15 of the “VIP Party” slots left – we missed out on that last year; we’re stoked to be going this time.

We’re also going to be at KetoCon in Austin, Texas – June 15-17 if that’s close to home for you.

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N=me experiment: 4 weeks of *ONLY* Keto Chow – 2nd week tests back

I have the second round of test results from my experiment back. To quickly recap: I’m doing a test where I’m only eating Keto Chow and only drinking water. Nothing else. No snacks, no diet soda, no nothing. I am taking the Keto Chow fish oil pills as they are required to get the right EPA and DHA Ω3 fatty acids, and I was taking a magnesium malate supplement (I need more than normal) but I recently stopped that because the version of Keto Chow that I’m testing (v2.1rc2) has additional magnesium malate in it and the supplement I was taking had a gram of dextrose in it (which sucks). Here’s my complete food log and information from Cron-o-meter for the experiment so far, and here are my blood tests, updated with the results of my last blood test.

Insulin is up a bit though still quite low, my cholesterol is much the same as before other than my LDL-P count continues to drop. At this rate, it’ll be under 1000 around the time the experiment ends. CRP is higher but still in a good range. Still not dead from living on fat.

As discussed in my initial post about doing this experiment, I don’t have refrigeration available so I’ve been coming up with ways to adapt. Primarily I’ve been using avocado oil. I’ll be posting more about this when I’m actually back from the trip, but I’ll say right now that I absolutely prefer heavy cream. Avocado oil isn’t bad, and if I hadn’t ever tried Keto Chow with heavy cream I’d probably think it’s super awesome. For people with dairy or digestive issues, or people wanting something shelf stable it’s an amazing option that works very well. Avocado oil also has 0 carbs, which means my net carb totals for the days I ate only keto chow with avocado oil are a CRAZY low 1.4g – for the ENTIRE DAY. That’s insane, as is the 5.3 mmol/L of blood ketones I’m currently registering, I actually hit 5.5 a few days ago. Weird that the only ongoing biometric I have right now is blood ketones since I don’t have a scale or anything else. It’s going to be interesting Friday morning after I get home to see what happened to my weight this week =)

Chris and Miriam on the “Be Well, Be Keto” Podcast

We met Tracee Gluhaich at KetoCon in Austin a few weeks ago – she contacted Miriam to see if she was willing to be on Tracee’s new keto podcast “Be Well, Be Keto.” Miriam said yes and asked if Tracee wanted us both on there – and she did =) About a week ago we recorded the interview via webcam and the podcast episode went live today! You can head on over to listen to the podcast here. Or you can watch the video from the interview below:


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Staying Keto on a River Trip, reminder: get your electrolytes

Last week I went on a 4 day Grand Canyon river rafting trip. It was really cool. I went to spend some time with my dad who was doing a Night Photography workshop – I didn’t have nearly as good of a camera as the other photographers, plus it was the first time I was actually shooting milky way photos instead of just holding the lights. I still got a few really cool shots:

If you want to kill some time there’s a photo album of all the various photos and videos I took. I also had a GoPro strapped to my chest taking a photo every 10 seconds that I later correlated with the GPS tracks. There are 3200 photos between album 1, and album 2. It’s a bit easier to watch as a hyperlapse video.

Going into all this I was worried about what I would be able to eat. I put on the sign-up form in the dietary restrictions section that I was on an “Atkins diet” (meh, it’s easier to explain than Keto and essentially I’m just continually doing the induction phase of Atkins, so whatever). The reply I got was:

Thank you for sharing your dietary restriction of “Atkins diet” with us.  Please review our menu below which does have many options that should fit your dietary needs.  Feel free to bring additional food items to supplement if needed.  When bringing supplemental items you will want to ensure that it would not require any special preparation or use of our cooking facilities.  Due to the demands on the guides they are not able to accommodate special requests.

OK, I can understand that. I looked over the menu and decided I would make whatever was available work. Worst case scenario I would just do intermittent fasting: eat when keto food is available and skip eating when it’s not. My dad (also doing keto) brought along a few cartons of Trader Joe’s shelf-stable whipping cream so we could make Keto Chow on the river. Here’s how it went down:

Day 1: Keto Chow for Breakfast. I had another one ready for lunch and decided to drink it early (at like 10) so I wouldn’t have to worry about keeping it cold. Lunch at the ranch was meat and cheese for sandwiches. I didn’t know what dinner was going to be so I ate some meat on a cheese sandwich. There was a guy named Leon from Australia that saw me eating it and asked if I was doing Keto or something… wait, what? Yeah, he had been doing keto for a few months but had stopped for their trip. I tell you: the day is fast approaching where I won’t have to explain my way of eating! Dinner that night was a bunch of carbs plus some roast beef grown there on the ranch. Only had salt and pepper, so I ate some of that too.

Day 2: Bacon, eggs, and carbage for breakfast, I had the bacon and eggs =) Lunch was on the river and was tuna salad cones (which I later adapted for my own use). I piled up some tuna and mayo onto cheese. The funny thing was others in the group were starting to copy us and skip the bread: “If they can eat the center of the sandwich then so can I!” Dinner was spaghetti and garlic bread. There was really nothing I could eat so my dad and I split a carton of whipping cream and had Keto Chow for dinner. Two of the guides are sisters and their mom was put on a ketogenic diet by her doctor so they knew what was up. They said their mom had a hard time finding keto food and sticking with the diet – I happen to have something that helps with that =).

Day 3: Bacon, eggs, and carbage for breakfast, I had the bacon and eggs =) Meat and cheese for lunch again (mostly cheese), more people skipping the bread. Dinner was steak and shrimp (plus some other stuff I didn’t care about).

Day 4: Big sausages, eggs, and carbage for breakfast, I had the sausage and eggs =) Lunch was a sandwich in the bus back to Las Vegas (I gave away the brownie, chips and got an extra mayo packet for my cheese and meat).

I felt like I was doing rather well sticking to my diet. I had been overdoing it on the protein a bit but I was still keeping the carbs down probably between 20-50g (yes that’s wide margin). BUT my electrolytes were getting low. I started to really feel it on the morning of the 4th day. An abnormally high requirement for Magnesium runs in my family and I had only brought 4 Magnesium Malate pills. My normal diet of Keto Chow for most meals makes that more than sufficient but that morning I was starting to feel cramps in my thighs, calves and other large muscles. I also had a headache growing and was feeling pretty tired. I had planned a bit ahead and brought along a bag of “Real Salt” that had some potassium chloride mixed in as well – I mixed about 2 teaspoons of that into some tepid water I had in my bottle and drank it. It was way saltier than I normally like but it REALLY tasted good: yep I was definitively low on salt. A few minutes later I felt just fine.

Day 0 of the trip, as we rounded a corner and saw Las Vegas off in the distance, I realized I was in Dave Feldman’s home turf. It was too late to hang out with him that night but we arranged to meet up after returning to civilization. We ended up at a Jason’s Deli having a very early dinner. Dave was doing another of his n=1 experiments on himself so his food was… uncharacteristic =) I’ll not spoil the surprise when he reveals his next results. Suffice it to say that he normally eats 3000 calories/day to maintain his weight and was currently gaining weight on 2000 calories/day because he was eating differently. He is sharing some advance info about his experiments over on his Patreon page though. I will report that Dave took photos of all his food so I didn’t get the $100 bounty prize for anybody that catches him not taking a photo before he eats.

Dave has gotten a lot of unjustified criticism from lipidologists (who, frankly, should have been the ones making the discoveries he is finding but they have too much invested in the current model to admit to being so terribly wrong). He is absurdly methodical with the way he does his testing and not only tracks, but takes a freaking picture of what he eats AND a picture of anything he doesn’t finish too – just in case there’s a potential question about his methods. He also declares his hypothesis PUBLICLY before doing a test instead of crafting the narrative to fit the results he likes.

Anyhow, it was a really fun conversation and totally worth the detour.

I tried to find some magnesium supplement pills when we stopped in Mesquite, but all of them were magnesium oxide. Effectively worthless as the least bioavailable form of magnesium. I dosed up on Magnesium at 2 A.M. when I got home and felt just dandy when I woke up 3 hours later to get the kids ready for school (my awesome wife left for the Kansas City Low Carb conference while I was on my way home).

Flavor of the Week August 21-August 27: 10% off sale on Vanilla 2.0.1 week packs

For the next week, you can get 10% off the 21 meal “week” size of Vanilla 2.0.1. Check out the reviews of 2.0 Vanilla!

Speaking of reviews, you should check out our store reviews on Google, and the reviews of Keto Chow. Here’s a “taste”:

I am so glad I found keto chow. I am starting a major weighloss / lifestyle change journey. I am a mom of 2 and my hubby and I work total opposite schedules and to be honest I suck at meal prep. I knew in order to make this change and succeed I would need something quick, easy and yummy and I found all those things in keto chow. I am a huge fan!

Here’s another, should be noted that I publish all of the reviews that come in – bad or good – as they are, typos intact. The only ones I remove are spam posts from people wanting you to buy pills to “enhance performance” and such:

My husband and I have found the one thing that is making it so much easier to figure out and stay in ketosis! We have found something that makes all the difference in the world for newbie “keto-ers”! What is the secret yu ask? Keto Chow! We have loved it so much we are recommending and buyint the sample pack for all of our friends who are now asking us what we are doing to lose our weight. Some say they have tried it but have a hard time sticking to it past five days. This is exactly what happened to us until we found Keto Chow! This product has made life so simple and so enjoyable to stay on that we have both make it to the 2 month mark and 20 pounds lighter! Our favorites are chocolate peanut butter, and strawberry. We love to mix berries in with the strawberry and feel like we are still getting our fruit fix. The chocolate peanut butter tastes so good we feel like we are still getting our Reese’s fix. Thank you Keto Chow for helping me to stay on the Keto Diet to truly change mine and my husband’s life!

Happy Eclipse Day! Dunno about you, but I’ll be headed to Idaho for the “Zombie Apocalypse” with a cooler full of food (mostly Keto Chow), extra 22 gallons of fuel, and a portable toilet =) Big shout out to our employees that will be shipping out orders!

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Availability on Salted Caramel, Samples, and Sample all the Things! (Caramel on Thursday)

We’re currently out of Salted Caramel in the large 21 meal bags, we are also out of stock on the Sample all the Things! bundles we have been making until we get the individual meals/sample ready, because we only had the mass-produced individual meals/samples for Keto Chow 2.0 available in the Chocolate flavor.

I just talked to the new company we’re using to package the individual meals. They’re currently about half way through the flavors and are hoping to have the rest done early next week. If all goes well, we might have “for realsies” samples available sometime Tuesday evening (don’t hold your breath though). Regardless, next week we should have individual samples ready for sale, both in the bundle and individually!

UPDATE: As for the Salted Caramel weeks, that mixed Friday afternoon, is being packaged, and is scheduled for delivery on Thursday, August 17.

It’s fitting that right as we sold out of the final 22 samples of Chocolate Fudge 1.9, we also got word that 2.0 will soon finally be complete!

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