When will flavor X be available? Will limited edition Y come back in large bags?

We haven’t yet made an announcement about the availability of that flavor in that size. Because of the MANY factors beyond our control that determine when stuff will actually be available we simply do not make any announcements about if, or when, different flavors will be coming until they have actually arrived at our warehouse and have been quality tested. Introducing new flavors and new sizes of limited edition flavors is a months-long process dependant on the schedules of many outside groups. We could anticipate that something will take 2 months and it will actually take 9 months, or it may only take 3 weeks.

When it’s ready, we WILL let you know!

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Local pickup for Subscriptions

If you wish to have a subscription for Keto Chow and have it available for Local Pickup at the Keto Chow storefront there’s one simple thing you’ll need to do:

Set your shipping address TO the Keto Chow Storefront!

When you put our address in as the shipping address, a new shipping option will appear like MAGIC!

For reference, our address (both for the shipping address and for you to come pick up your order =) is:

12577 s. 265 w. Ste 4A
Draper, UT 84020

You can pick up your order Monday-Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm

Local Pickup for Subscriptions

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Can I stack the Flavor of the Week discount with other discounts (bulk, etc…)?

The Flavor of the Week sale is now using the same discount engine as our other discounts. The discount process will automatically apply the biggest discount available. This means that if you can get 5% off for buying 4 large bags, and 10% off for the Flavor of the Week, the discount applied is 10%. The remaining qualifying items will still get 5% off.

You are still able to apply a Keto Chow Rewards discount code on top of the other sales. You can also use a Military and First Responders discount code (though you can’t use BOTH). Be sure that you are inputting the code you want to use into the box on the SHOPPING CART page (not the checkout page).

Discount Code Box

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Why can’t I get certain flavors in a 21-meal bag? When will Flavor X be back in stock?

You may have seen our recent blog post regarding our most popular Keto Chow flavors. From the data collected, we’ve determined that some of the flavors don’t sell as well as others. This is especially true for flavors that are more seasonal.

Going forward, we plan to move the 21-meal bags of these flavors into seasonal availability. Once the current inventory of the runs out, we will wait to reintroduce them until they are in season. Orange Cream and Root Beer Float will be available in summertime. Pumpkin Spice Caramel and Eggnog will be available in the fall. The Savory Soups will also be reintroduced in the fall to be available for the cold months of the year. Individual-meal packets as well as Sample Bundles containing these flavors will still be available year-round.

If you are partial to any of these flavors, be sure to stock up and take advantage of the long shelf life of Keto Chow so you won’t run out of your favorite flavors.

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How do I create a subcription?

We do have the option of signing up for a subscription [on our 21-meal bags](https://www.ketochow.xyz/collections/21-meal-weeks), but it’s off by default and really obvious what you are signing up for. We have a detailed video below that walks you through the process of creating a subscription.

NOTE: Subscription orders operate on a separate sales platform that is not compatible with any other promotions or discounts. These include bulk orders, military/first responder discounts, or rewards program discounts.


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How do I redeem my Keto Chow Rewards points?

Here’s the simplest method to redeem points for rewards.

Log in to your Keto Chow account dashboard and click on My Rewards. Select the reward you wish to redeem, and the system will auto-generate a one-time coupon code for you to use. It’ll also email you the code. Add the desired items to your order, and input the code to your shopping cart BEFORE you start the checkout process.

More details with photos here: https://old.ketochow.xyz/keto-chow-rewards-program/

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Does Keto Chow offer any discount/reward for referring this product to others?

Beginning in January 2020, Keto Chow launched its Loyalty Rewards Program. This allows customers to earn points on purchases, referrals, or by sharing Keto Chow on social media.

To refer a friend: simply log into your Keto Chow account dashboard, click Earn Points, and then Refer a Friend. It’ll provide a link to send to your family and friends. Once they follow the link, create an account, and complete their first purchase with Keto Chow, you’ll receive 2000 points to your rewards account.

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What are the size options for Keto Chow?

We make just 2 sizes of Keto Chow:

  • Individual Meals – great for sampling the different flavor options that are available. We also have these in several pre-made bundles of specific flavors. They cost around $4.75 per meal.
  • Single-Flavor, 21-meal Bulk Bags – designed to be efficient and inexpensive. Once you’ve tried the different flavors and found what you like, these give you the most cost-effective way to order. They cost around $3.33 per meal.

We don’t make any other sizes, there isn’t a 3-meal pack or a 10-meal pack. Adding more sizes complicates the product, and would raise the price of Keto Chow. We do have what we call the “Go Pack” with 21 single meal packets of the same flavor. It’s only available in certain flavors and only for a limited time. It is more expensive than the Single-Flavor, 21-meal Bulk Bag due to the cost of packaging, but it does represent a 15% saving over getting the single meal packets individually.

Want more variety? You can buy several different flavors of the individual meals (which is more expensive), or the larger 21-meal bags and pull from all of them as desired. This costs more up-front, but so would purchasing 21 full meals of any food. Especially one that’s so densely packed with nutrition.

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Why do you have a scoop in EVERY package? Can I opt to not have it included?

Not including the scoops, or having it as a separate item for purchase, is something that gets suggested often. The logistics of having “no scoop, please” as an option would RAISE the cost of Keto Chow.

The scoop costs us $0.05 to have included with every bag. It would initially save a little to not include them. However, accidentally forgetting to include one, then needing to ship one to a customer wipes out any savings. The postage, paying employees, and the rest of the fulfillment process costs money. Most importantly, the delay sucks for the customer.

Including the scoop simplifies the fulfillment process, and saves us far more than the cost of the scoop. This is why you can’t customize sample bundles – they’re pre-made at substantial savings, ready to go right into your order. Simplicity = savings!

Another issue: a loose scoop outside a bag presents something that could puncture the bags of Keto Chow. Suddenly, that 5-cent scoop has destroyed a far more expensive bag that we need to replace. Replacements blow away much of the cost savings and optimizations we’ve put in place. Our amazing, non-robot, actual-human workers would have to perfectly fulfill approximately 2000 orders with no packages damaged in shipping (thanks UPS!) for not including the scoop to be financially beneficial.

So, a long response to a simple question. The short version is: it’s easier and cheaper to include them in each bag. Thanks for the suggestion.

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Can I add to an order? How do I add items to my order?

Our online sales platform doesn’t save any payment info. This method prevents a security leak or hacking. As a result, there’s no way to add items to an order or charge you additional money.
If you wish to “add” additional items, place a new order and we can combine the two orders. After it ships, we will refund the difference in shipping. Please allow 2-3 business days for refunds to credit to the original form of payment.
Contact us to keep us informed of your additional order.
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