The Keto Chow Story

Photo of Keto Chow team from Jaunuary 2020

The Keto Chow team in January 2020

The Bair Family in September 2020

The Bair Family in September 2020

Our Story

To be honest, we never could have imagined that this would become our life’s work, but we couldn’t be more thankful that the path led us here—to a community and lifestyle we love so much. We began formulating “Keto Chow” at the end of 2014, solely as a means to help us get great-tasting and wholly nutritious Keto Meals without all the hassle (you can read “Why I make Keto Chow” for the complete story on that). That’s when Chris began studying, mixing, and solving for the constant challenges we faced: no easy, complete, or good-tasting Keto meals for our on-the-go lives; being repeatedly disappointed by the approach and ingredients of other products; and needing to feed our family without sacrificing one thing or another, while still trying to be successful on our Keto journey (without going crazy!). The original recipe for Keto Chow was created as “open source” with ingredient quality and transparency as core-values of Keto Chow. Even today, you can still find that original recipe on our blog.  By April 2015, word spread and we were mixing batches to ship around the country from the humble Bair household, all the while, growing more involved in the Keto Community and supporting new friends along their Keto journey.

When January 2016 rolled around, demand had grown so much we created a business and convinced our friends and family to become the first employees! Soon after, our mixing, stocking, and shipping operations out our house, and ultimately we settled into a warehouse in Draper, Utah.

Keto Chow remains true to its beginnings; focused on family, healing, and superior nutrition. It’s our purpose and promise. We stand proudly by our belief that making a Ketogenic Diet more accessible and sustainable can help so many people be successful on their health journey. It has changed our lives and the lives of so many we’ve met. It’s this belief and passion that drives us every day to share the knowledge we’ve accumulated, lend support where we can, and deliver products that are as delicious as they are purposeful. We’re a bit proud that of all the keto “meal replacement” products, only Keto Chow has been used in a public experiment as the sole source of food of the creator of the product to prove it is, as claimed, nutritionally complete and viable as an actual MEAL replacement and not simply an occasional snack.

The fact that Keto Chow is designed to be able to be used for as many meals as you want, and is used for most of Chris’ meals, drives much of what Keto Chow is as a product and as a company. We only use the best ingredients we can find. We pay attention to the science. We LIVE keto. We also strive to treat our customers the same way we want to be treated when we buy stuff.